Where is my IRS refund?

What you will need...

1. Social security number of the first taxpayer on the return.

2. Filing status (examples: Married filing jointly (MFJ)
Head of Household (HOH)
Single (S)
Married filing separately (MFS)

3. Refund amount.
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For mobile access, Download the  IRS2Go  app.

You will need same info from above. 

Where is my Alabama Refund?

You will need to know the primary Social Security Number, tax form, the filing status and the exact amount of your anticipated refund.

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Will your refund be offset due to a debt?

Call 1-800-304-3107​ to find out.
Not all debts are subject to a tax refund offset. ​
To determine whether an offset will occur on a debt owed (other than federal tax), contact BFS's TOP call 
center at
(866-297-0517  TTY/TDD) 

To find out what types of debt create an offset, click on the pig